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About Hormozgan regional electric company
Historical background of Electric Power Industry in Hormozgan

Electric was introduced to Hormozgan 1315 (H.sh)(1935 ), when a 218 H.P. 110 Volt electric power generator was installed .
 The first official permission for installation of electric power generator named Office issued to Hormozgani famous merchant known as Haj Moshirdavani , Ahmad Galedari , Mirhaji Seddiq , Mohamad saeed Roosta,Seyed Mohamad Golbarani and SeydAghil Aghili. This Merchant then has established the first public electric power service at BandarAbbas at 1315. 
Since 1345 ,Esatern South Regional company was established , and 7 years later  littoral Power and water company is formed and at 1362 Hormozgan Regional Electric Company introduced .
Now electrical company of Hormozgan have 6095.2 km transfer lines and Stations with 16856 MVA Capacity .

Areas covered by Hormozgan Regional Electric company :

BandarAbbas City contained : Bandar e Abbas , Bandar e Khamir and Hormoz Island .
HajiAbad City  contained : Haji Abad and Fareghan
Badnar e Lenge City  contained : Bandar e lenge and Parsian
Bastak City  contained : Bastak and Charak
Qeshm Island City  contained: Qeshm and Dargahan
Minab City  contained : Minab  and Sirik
Roodan City  contained : Roodan and Roodkhane
Jask City  contained : Jask and Bashagard